"American Battleships"

The definitive history of AmericanBattleships from their creation to the actions in the Persian Gulf. 

If you are into American Naval history then this bookis for you.  An excellent piece of work with hundreds of pictures andpersonal stories.  The book is a 9" X 12" limitededition, hard bound, 224 page masterpiece, a "musthave" for the Battleship Sailor and anyone wholoves these great ships. 

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Contains special seastories, Pearl Harbor remembered, a photo ofeach commissioned battleship, a list of all battleships and dates ofconstruction, and over 600 biographies ofbattleship sailors. 

   Includes the following ShipHistories:

USS Alabama, USS Arizona, USS Arkansas, USS California,USS Colorado, USS Connecticut, USS Delaware, USS Florida, USS Georgia, USSIdaho, USS Illinois, USS Indiana, USS Iowa, USS Kansas, USS Kearsarge, USSKentucky, USS Louisiana, USS Marine, USS Maryland, USS Massachusetts, USSMichigan, USS Minnesota, USS Mississippi, USS Missouri, USS Nebraska, USSNevada, USS New Hampshire, USS New Jersey, USS Pennsylvania, USS Rhode Island,USS South Carolina, USS South Dakota, USS Tennessee, USS Texas, USS Utah, USSVermont. 

Many personal stories from Pennsy sailors as wellas other BB crewman.

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The cover features a photo of the USS Pennsylvaniasteaming into Lingayen Gulf in 1945.

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American Battleships

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